Knowledge learned in the classroom complemented by that gained and skills mastered through experiential learning in practice benefit the student, faculty sponsor, employer, and community.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

NMSU provides students numerous hands-on, work-based learning opportunities realized in many forms: internships, cooperative education, clinicals, practicum, civic engagement, research,service learning, laboratories, work-study, and many more.  Regardless of your major, NMSU has an experiential opportunity for you. Discover some of them through the links below.

NMSU Main Experiential learning classes

Office of Service Learning for Educational Distinction

Study Abroad Internships

Work-Study Opportunities

Career Services

NMSU’s Career Services works to connect students and businesses, providing many resources to assist with career planning and employment goals through work-study, cooperative education, internships, as well as part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Career Services also hosts workshops on financial literacy, resume building, interview skills, and Career Fairs that are open to current students, alumni, and community members. Please explore the links below to learn more about ways you can connect with Career Services.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NMSU serves as a major conduit for preparing the future workforce and maintaining an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in students.  NMSU hosts a number of programs that foster innovation, and challenge students to think entrepreneurially about innovative discoveries and how they can create an avenue for future careers.  Check out some of the ways NMSU promotes innovation and entrepreneurship with our students.

Aggie Innovation Space: offers students access to state-of-the-art resources to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and serve as a gathering point where students can connect to work on projects.

Arrowhead Center: has numerous resources and programs focused on technology development and training in entrepreneurship, providing assistance in intellectual property, entrepreneurial education, and helps make connections for sponsored research, and client-based learning opportunities for students will have skills that make them responsive to the growing demands of the business world

Research: is an excellent way to apply knowledge, make innovative discoveries, gain practical hands on experience, and excel as a scholar.  NMSU provides many opportunities for students both undergraduate and graduate to participate in research projects.  If you are interested in particpating in research contact your department head or speak with your academic advisor.

Studio G: open to NMSU students and alumni within five years of graduation. Studio Grow, a student incubator, can help you at any stage of your business, from pre-idea to product stage. It provides office space, business consulting, and a wide variety of resources and technology to help students launch their own business.

Check out Talent Development events around campus

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