New Mexico State University provides many pathways for companies and communities to connect human capital.  Who we know as students, you know as prospective future employees. Who you know as employees can become our students, enriching the skills of your current workforce.  Whether new or current employees, NMSU can work with you and them to enhance and align the students’ knowledge and skills with your needs.  They and you win. Explore the links below to discover ways to connect with NMSU and explore available resources available.

Career Services

Career Services is a partnership between employers and students.  Career Services brings together both students and employers so that both can succeed.  These offices, along with colleges, help manage internships and cooperative education for students.  If you are interested in developing talent for your future workforce while students are still in school, you can hire them as interns or cooperative education student employees.  The Career Services office can help you promote your student employment positions through marketing and social media announcements.  Beyond internships and co-ops, a direct path for hiring students for part-time or full time professional appointments might work best for you and the students.  No matter your needs in the workforce pipeline—12 (dual credit), 14 (associate), 16 (bachelor), 17+ (graduate), or even non-academic certificate and non-certificate programs—Career Services throughout the System can help.

Community College Career Services

Small Business and Start-up Assistance Programs

Arrowhead Center

Arrowhead Center works with both on- and off-campus clients and partners, ensuring a strong relationship between the university and the larger local, regional, and state community.  Arrowhead Center serves as a gateway between NMSU and the region’s innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, and government, providing a seamless connection between all parties working to advance the state’s economy.  At Arrowhead, we are committed to partnering with those working beyond the university campus to build connections with the human capital of NMSU faculty, students, and staff to meet your business needs.

Arrowhead Center sponsors a number of programs designed to help small businesses and start-up companies, below are links to these programs websites.

  • Arrowhead Technology Incubator:gives scalable startups and young firms the team, tools, and resources they need to turn ideas into revenue-generating realities.
  • EDA University Center for Regional Commercialization: extends Arrowhead services throughout New Mexico. It provides pathways for New Mexico’s inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business startups to move new products to market, launch and grow business ventures, and learn how to leverage ideas into realities.
  • NM Fast Partnership Program: aims to increase participation of small technology firms in the innovation and commercialization of new technology through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.
  • NM Small Business Assistance (NMSBA): utilizes unique resources available at New Mexico State University to assist for-profit small businesses in New Mexico in solving a variety of technical and business challenges through a program managed by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), financed by the State.
  • Studio G: provides office space, business consulting, and a wide variety of resources and technology to help NMSU students and alumni within five years of graduation launch their own business, no matter where in the pathway from pre-idea to product stage.

New Mexico Small Business Development Centers Network

NM SBDC offers free assistance in business planning, marketing, finance, entrepreneurial training, and other business startup and expansion issues throughout the state of New Mexico. An office is located at each Campus in the NMSU System.

Partnership Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique partnership opportunity with NMSU?

Arrowhead Research Park: Arrowhead Park is a public-private land development partnership that links research, industry, and entrepreneurs contributing to economic development in New Mexico and the surrounding region. The Park is an emerging hub for innovation and creativity in an entrepreneurial environment offering space, facilities, and services to technology-based businesses and their support networks. Arrowhead Park has space available in existing buildings to support your business, or can work with you through 
our partners to develop new space tailored to your needs. Please contact us so we can help you move your business forward.

Customized Training Program: DACC offers personalized training programs targeted to meet your business’ needs. CTP works with you to develop and deliver your training programs. Spring Courses 2016

Industry Services: Arrowhead Center connects industry with NMSU faculty, researchers, students, and labs to help expand a company’s capacities and capabilities in research.

Technology Showcase: License an NMSU-developed technology to start a business! NMSU faculty and students in partnership with Arrowhead Center’s Intellectual Property Office hold over 45 patents for licensable NMSU-developed technology. Please explore our technology showcase and contact Arrowhead Center for more information.

Work-Study Opportunities:  New Mexico State University contracts work-study student employment with non-profit (501(c)(3) agencies), non-religious and non-partisan organizations to provide additional job opportunities off-campus, for work-study students. Please visit the link provided above for more information on becoming a work-study employer.

Get Involved:  Arrowhead Center provides a number of opportunities to collaborate with us as we build a sustainable innovation economy.  Share your your expertise and experience with our students as a mentor or Enterprise Advisor, give a workshop or training session, explore opportunities in sponsored research for your company.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to contact us.

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